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  • Automated grain dampening system
  • Automated grain dampening system
  • Automated grain dampening system

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Automated grain dampening system

Automated Grainflow Dampening System brings about the necessary changes in physical and structural properties of the grains. Dampening is one of most important stages before milling the grains. Grain dampening can be regulated by application of automated grain flow dampening systems that ensure large scale, stable automatic grain dampening process. This process guarantees automatic maintenance of grain moisture as follows: 1) Extraction of high-grade products with maximum permissible standard values if moisture flour and bran; 2) minimizes the value of product?s ash content; 3) Energy efficient; 4) Uniform loading of all production equipments and uniform output of the finished products; 5) Increased efficiency by technological process. Moisture measurement accuracy is incredibly greater than analogues systems, due to its independency on density, quality, variety and temperature of grains and other factors. Continuous monitoring ensures error free results. A special operating mode of grain moisture meter periodically checks and compensates and errors generated by hardware components.


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