• Custom lead screw


Артикул: 00010131

Custom lead screw

Hydrostatic lead screws permit the wear-free transmission of power from rotary movements to linear movements. Thanks to the no-play and hydrostatic pre-stressed nut, the hydrostatic lead screws are particularly suitable for highly dynamic, precise positioning functions in continuous non-stop operation.

Hydrostatic lead screw ZHGT 52x20


Unlimited theoretical life-time
No vibrations from rolling elements
No ball backlash through rolling element by reversal of rotation direction
Frictionless by low speeds, in that way maximum positioning accuracy
No stick-slip effect
Economical alternative to linear motors
Free of wear, no metal contact between the elements
Speeds up to 90 m/min.
Thermally stable, direct heat dissipation through lubricant
Excellent suitable for rapid, oscillating movements
Lead screws with external dimensions to customers' specifications can be supplied


  • Type: custom

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