• Rolled ball screw / heavy-duty

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Rolled ball screw / heavy-duty

High load capacity ball screws have proven themselves in injection molding machines, presses, custom actuators and casting machines. The demonstrated capability of Korta High Load Ball Screws has been so favorable that they are now considered in many applications where hydraulics are used offering a better controlled and green friendly solution to linear motion. When replacing a hydraulic actuator with a Korta High Load Ball Screw, one fiends that design is much more straight forward, system efficiency is improved, maintenance is reduced, and there are no more oil leaks on the floor. High load technology has evolved over the years by continuous improvement in the design, using large ball diameters, load sharing over a large number of circuits, utilization of special materials and surface treatments. To the end user this means that size for size Korta High Load Ball Screws can offer double the dynamic capacities of conventional ball screws. Although typically high load applications are unique and custom in nature, Korta does offer a number of standard sizes.


  • Type: rolled
  • Performance: heavy-duty

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