• Threaded spindle

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Threaded spindle

Because of the growing range of linear actuators available, MICROSTEP GmbH has chosen to specialize in manufacturing our own small threaded spindles with nominal diameters of 3.5 to 6 mm. The spindles, which are manufactured in-house, are largely produced with metric ISO thread and fine thread as well as trapezoidal thread, using thread rolling. We use copper, bronze and special plastic screw nuts, which means that the threaded spindles no longer need to be annealed.

However, we can also provide polished spindle threads and ball screws for high-precision applications.

Connecting fine-thread spindles to stepper motors with small step angles ensures resolutions in the micrometer range even during full step operation, which offers a cost-effective alternative to other high-resolution drive systems. (LA 79.0000)

For fast movements, we offer steep-threaded spindles, which can be combined with stepper motors with large step angles to allow highly dynamic operations. (LA 73.0000)


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