• Nylon drag chain / openable / simple installation

max. 3.09 x 18 in | G series

Артикул: 00017784

Nylon drag chain / openable / simple installation

Heavy duty molded nylon side chains on the versatile powertrack provide quiet operation and eliminate the need for periodic lubrication. The unique links, separated by steel cable/hose carriers, do not corrode, are non-conductive, resist abrasion and slide more easily than steel side links. If desired, twist-out aluminum bars allow easy cable/hose installation. A wide variety of cable/hose carrier designs are available. Type "G" PowerTrak is available with inside opening from 0.75" x 4.00" to 3.09" x 18.00". Maximum cable/hose OD 2.81". A maximum total travel of 800 feet is possible when optional guide tray and carriage is used.


  • Material: nylon
  • Type: openable
  • Options and accessories: simple installation

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