• Nylon drag chain
  • Nylon drag chain
  • Nylon drag chain
  • Nylon drag chain
  • Nylon drag chain

JF series

Артикул: 00017750

Nylon drag chain

Material:nylon 66,punching resistant,high strength
Features:1, used the place of in to-and-fro, protect and conduct inside cables,oild tube, gax tube
Water tube
2, every burl can be opened, convenient to instand and amend, low noise when
operating, abrasion resistant, moving in high speed
Using: cable chain is used widely in index control machines,electric equipment,fir control
machines, stone-processing machines, glass-processing machines, door and windows
processing machines, extruding machines, machine hands, super transport equipment,auto.


  • Material: nylon
  • Width: Min.: 12.5 mm

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