• Flexible electrical conduit / plastic / for cables

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Flexible electrical conduit / plastic / for cables

Energy Supply Systems

The integrated energy supply system runs the supply tube closer to the robot body than with other systems, giving the robot complete freedom of movement and reducing cable wear to a minimum.

Performance features (axes 1 to 3)

* KUKA energy supply systems are compact and require no extra floor space
* Continuous routing from the base through to the arm
* Routed through the robot body
* Optimal accessibility from outside (from the rotating column onwards)
* Full freedom of movement of the robot
* High degree of durability (as with the existing A 1 dress package)

Performance features (axes 3 to 6)

* The package can be exchanged in just 10 minutes
* Here again, everything is compact and routed close to the body
* Minimal interference contour; the package supports offline programming
* The areas subjected to wear are reduced to a minimum, ensuring longer service life
* Individual cables and hoses can be exchanged
* Follow-up costs are thus minimized
* The package can be optimally adjusted to suit its surroundings
* Applications can also be integrated on the arm via interface A 3


  • Structure: flexible
  • Material: plastic
  • Applications: for cables

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