• CNC tool changer / automatic / with rotary magazine

TRIAX series

Артикул: 00025463

CNC tool changer / automatic / with rotary magazine

Outside dimensions according to sketch
Handling by transpalette
Weight without equipment 1650 kg
Lubrication distributor on all moving parts (screw and slide)
Hydraulic jack for the compensation of mass on vertical axis
Protection on vertical slide
Preparation for the fitting for axis motors, but without support and
without motors
Lubrication device not included
The vertical carrier allows the fitting of spindle holder unit or else
Rails with roller slides of 45 mm, 35 mm and 35 mm on X, Y and Z
Ball screw of 40mm, 32mm and 32mm on X, Y and Z


  • Applications: CNC
  • Type: automatic
  • Magazine: with rotary magazine

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