• CNC tool changer / shuttle
  • CNC tool changer / shuttle


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CNC tool changer / shuttle

The CTNE 50 is the most advanced system tool changer shuttle by Colombo Filippetti Torino that uses electric and pneumatic drives instead of a hydraulic device. Because of this, the CTNE 50 boasts off being a cleaner, reliable and noise-free system. This groundbreaking technology consists of a group exchanger mounted on a shuttle driven by servo motor on a hardened prismatic guide. The exchange cycle which is at 180° rotation is made by a precision gear with servo motor and the extraction cone is driven by hydro-pneumatic cylinder. What made this technology one of the best is this is suitable for different types of taper such as ISO 45, ISO 50, BT 50, HSK 80 and HSK 100 amongst others.


  • Applications: CNC
  • Type: shuttle

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