• CNC tool changer / vertical / automatic / with rotary magazine


Артикул: 00025448

CNC tool changer / vertical / automatic / with rotary magazine

Engineered with a rotary magazine that contains tool-holding pockets, the CTM tool changer system operates with the simultaneous motion of the gripper arm and the tool changer output shaft. This automatic tool changing machine uses a vertical extraction stroke and a rotation to take up to two tools at a time, and efficiently switches between a wide variety of tools from machine spindle to tool pocket. The tool changer output shaft can easily be manipulated by rotating the input shaft.

A pneumatic cylinder allows the disk to be pivoted up to 90°, which allows for faster exchange between tools. The CTM tool changer system ensures a reliable performance that can be counted for a long time.


  • Applications: CNC
  • Type: vertical, automatic
  • Magazine: with rotary magazine
  • Characteristics and options: high-speed

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