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E212 series

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Compression servo-press

The servo press E212 is our entry level. This smart solution offer a servo drive with a PLC built-in where is installed our process monitoring APM. The servo press E212 can be integrated in all machine controlled by a PLC, thanks to the I/O terminals available in the servo drive, it is possible connect the servo press to the machine PLC to exchange all I/O signals necessary to provide all commands as: start, stop, OK parts, NOK parts and others servo press job conditions. Auloma servo press E212 is suitable for all kinds of applications where is required a production with zero defects, an high level of flexibility, precision in measurement and look also to energy cost saving. Main applications of our servo presses are several of automated processes of press fit and joining. E212 is a must to guarantee a correct industrial processes and products with an high level of quality. E212 series working in compression and tension and is developed to supply the maximum repeatability and precision. The modules are tailored for working in a load range of 5kN to 100 kN and is projected with a compact and robust design. The frame and ram are manufactured in steel and hardened to avoid a backlash by wear. The motor is jointed to the ball screw by a timing belt with the pulley machined to have zero backlash. The motor is controlled by an absolute encoder with a sampling of 17 bits to guarantee a fine ram control. All E212 servo presses series could be installed easily and mounted on flange like an hydraulic cylinder and this is possible in horizontal or vertical position.


  • Process type: compression
  • Pressing force: Min.: 5 kN

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