• Helical gear / bevel / spiral / spiroid

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Helical gear / bevel / spiral / spiroid

Timken creates Parallel Axis as well as Spiral Bevel Gears for aerospace applications up to Class 15 AGMA tolerances including Helicals, Splines (straight and crowned) and Curvics. Timken uses only the top-class materials such as carburizing 9310 and Pyrowear X-53, and nitriding steel for its gears.

Additionally, various processes are used for surfaces which prevents fatigue, wear and corrosion by lowering the friction. All gears need to pass the nondestructive testing and inspections while few of them undergo isotropic super-finishing for increasing the gearbox wear resistance.

The whole manufacturing process right from the start till end, goes through a thorough inspection and records all details of the dimensions and process controls.


  • Form: helical, bevel, spiral, spiroid
  • Other characteristics: steel, custom

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