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  • Worm gear / flange
  • Worm gear / flange
  • Worm gear / flange
  • Worm gear / flange
  • Worm gear / flange


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Worm gear / flange

The DE, manufactured by Kinematics MFG, is a worm gear that has been customized to the customer's application. Applications of these gears range from solar to mobile applications, including mining equipment, digger derricks, solar trackers, wind turbines, medical bed equipment, and robotic arm positioners. Double-enveloping worm gears are designed for the smoothest rotation under maximum loads. It features a patented hourglass worm technology, these gear sets work consistently and accurately across a range of applications. It has been made to connect 5 to 11 teeth, providing more strength and efficiency for a 30-year field life.


  • Form: worm
  • Configuration: flange

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