• Graphic HMI terminal / with touch screen / hand-operated / control


Артикул: 00060278

Graphic HMI terminal / with touch screen / hand-operated / control

The smartPAD, the latest innovation of KUKA Robotics. Enabling high-end graphic support, flexible programming and touch-screen software in one handy,portable device. Utilizing the latest in software engineering, smartPAD allows full control of KUKA robotics with its user-friendly and easy to understand inputs.Quality tested to get the stamp of approval from even the most strictest Approval Companies.Simple,cost effective device that can show how robots can be operated intuitively. It is built to withstand even the most demanding of application or the harshest of working condition. Providing optimum performance direct saving and loading of configurations via USB port on the smartPAD itself.


  • Interface: graphic, with touch screen
  • Mounting: hand-operated
  • Application: control

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