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  • Automatic labeler / shrink sleeve / horizontal / side

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Automatic labeler / shrink sleeve / horizontal / side

The FILLINGmachine sleeve labeling machine is an automatic sleeve labeling system. It can label 24.000 bottles with a length of 150 mm per hour. It includes a shrink tunnel and a servo motor driven cutter. It has a SS304 stainless steel version. Its label feeding device has a speed of 90 m/min. For a quick and accurate production, it uses a brusher device to help fix the label in the correct position. It can be adjustable to lift the machine in accordance to the bottle size. The label has a length of 35-300 mm and a thickness of 0.035-0.08 uses 2 kW power.The machine has a length of 2400 mm, width of 1100 mm and a height of 2600 mm.


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