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  • Low-profile lift table

ZLLPC series

Article: 00074882

Low-profile lift table

Low-Profile Zero-Low Lift Tables

New Lower Height Raises Productivity!

ATI’s new Low Profile Zero-Low Lift Table brings load even closer to the operator to save time, improve safety, reduce worker fatigue, boost morale--all providing increased productivity and profits!

1000 & 2500 lb. capacities, up to 48 in. lift height
Lower, narrower fenders provide easier access by operator
Designed for easier load by pallet truck
Lower fenders permit a pallet truck to enter table with a loaded pallet raised above the fenders, enabling the pallet to be set on the fenders, close to operators reach. May eliminate need for lift trucks.
Wide variety of deck sizes available to fit any size load
Electric or air operation
Power options are air (use suffix -A), electric 110V AC single phase, or 22/440V AC, 3 phase; with a choice of 110 volt push-button or foot-pedal control.


  • Options and accessories: low-profile
  • Capacity: 2500 lb (1133.98 kg)
  • Lift: Min.: 1 in

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