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  • Strain gauge load cell

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Strain gauge load cell

The COMFLEX-CV linkage system ideal solution for C-generation makers such as PROTOS 80C or PROTOS 2C, as well as rebuild makers and makers from Decouflé offering a performance of up to 2.5 tray changes per minute / up to 10,000 rods per minute.
Consisting of HCF-C, MAGOMAT-C and RTS-V, COMFLEX-CV combines the benefits of a gentle direct connection between maker and downstream production process with the flexibility of an unlimited tray storage solution.

COMFLEX-CV offers convincing benefits:

Even gentler product handling and greater process stability thanks to even more reliable filling and emptying principle.
Even higher availability thanks to easy operation and maintenance plus rapid troubleshooting.
Standardization to new future-oriented electronics concept.

COMFLEX-CV consists HCF-C tray filler and MAGOMAT-C tray discharger with throughflow hopper, connecting belt and RTS-V massflow transfer system.
Optimized filling principle for consistently high product and filling quality.
Optimized emptying principle with direct removal of the entire contents of the container into a process reservoir from a minimal freefall height
Completely re-engineered massflow transfer system for even gentler and more reliable product conveyance and greater flexibility.
Basic functions and visualization on HMI with Hauni VISUcompact.
Standard product lengths of 60 to 100 mm, diameter from 5.3 to 9.0 mm.
Conventional tray handling.


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