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  • Lubrication grease / lithium / with solid lubricants

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Lubrication grease / lithium / with solid lubricants

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) defines grease as solid or semi-fluid element that consists of a lubricating liquid and thickener agent. But other solid lubricants and additives can also be considered as its components.

Grease is a thickened oil, not a super viscose oil, which has multiple phase systems. The consistency of the product is dependent on the amount of the thickener. This is codified with a National Lubricating Grease Institute USA (NLGI) number.

The thickeners can be soaps that are made of calcium, sodium and lithium. These may also be complex soaps made from lithium, calcium, aluminium and the like. These are mainly used for the protection and lubrication of mechanical equipments. Also, these can be utilized in the steel industry.


  • Function: for lubrication
  • Type: lithium
  • Other characteristics: with solid lubricants

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