• Protective panel / flat / PC / anti-UV PC


Артикул: 00081105

Protective panel / flat / PC / anti-UV PC

SANPLAZ sheets are especially suitable for the windows in garage and industrial doors.
The high inner stability of the product allows
production of this type of window from thinner materials.
In addition it is possible to manufacture double glazed windows without the need for dividers.
* Tolerance of dimensions and thickness of all SANPLAZ
sheets are in accordance with ISO standards.
* All SANPLAZ sheets are covered with a protective polyethylene film on both sides.
SANPLAZ embossed sheets are covered with polyethylene film on one side only.
* The information and recommendations in this website are
accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge, however
users should perform their own tests to determine the suitability
of these products for their own particular purposes.


  • Function: protective
  • Type: flat
  • Material: PC, anti-UV PC

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