• Roof panel / protective / corrugated / metal
  • Roof panel / protective / corrugated / metal


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Roof panel / protective / corrugated / metal

UltraSHEET? represents a huge step forward in the processing of corrugated sheet metal. Produced by Hadley Group's patented UltraSTEEL® process, it is suitable for all applications where standard corrugated steel sheet would be used, but offers greater strength and a more attractive appearance for no additional cost.
Ideal for the construction of basic utility or storage shelters, garages, barns or purpose designed dwellings and elevations, UltraSHEET? offers a visually striking, low-maintenance alternative to other external cladding products.


  • Function: for roofs, protective
  • Type: corrugated
  • Material: metal
  • Product applications: wall

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