• CNC milling machine drilling center / CNC / 4-axis

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CNC milling machine drilling center / CNC / 4-axis

The explorer 1 drilling machine has a 4-axis CNC, of which 2 come with a double-position control so as to obtain high precision. Bar feeding along the x axe is made possible by the automatic control of the clamping rollers locking and then the rotation of dragging rollers. The pneumatic clamping devices that are horizontal and vertical will lock the bar during the course of drilling. A materials feeding system is created the rectified and threatened dragging rollers. 2 vertical pushers will be involved all through the working cycle as will 2 horizontal locking vices and 2 vertical clamping vices. Inside and also outside the Swarf extractor is where the tools lubrication is.The bar non-stop measuring system is obtained due to the "contact system" feature of fly wheels. This helps in avoiding possible measuring errors that can happen due to sliding or stumbling of material.


  • Associated function: CNC milling machine
  • Control type: CNC
  • Number of axes: 4-axis

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