• Milling drill / electric / manually-controlled / magnetic base


Артикул: 00086151

Milling drill / electric / manually-controlled / magnetic base

The PRO 130 Drilling Machine is specifically designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality for very specific purposes. It is considered as the largest drill press device which is ideally constructed for milling/cutting of large holes. The unit is well-provided with a motor overload protection system meant for a continuous speed adjustment which functions in 2 speed ranges. It is also built with an Electronic Speed Stabilization System or ESSS which is especially integrated in the device for the stabilization of motor speeds under several loads on the spindle. It also has the ability to perform tapping jobs due to the availability of a reverse speed.


  • Associated function: milling
  • Power source: electric
  • Control type: manually-controlled
  • Other characteristics: magnetic base

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