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  • Rapid deployment field shelter with photovoltaic solar panel

1 - 3 kW

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Rapid deployment field shelter with photovoltaic solar panel


The PowerFilm PowerShade is a foldable, durable, and portable solar solution. The solar panels are mounted to a lightweight, weather resistant fabric that easily folds for storage and unfolds for use. The PowerShade is available in 1 kW, 2 kW, and 3 kW power generation. Solar fi eld shelters reduce dependence on fuel-fired generators that are noisy and require a constant supply of costly fuel. PowerShades are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from lighting and ventilation to power for remote bases of operations, disaster relief and communication hubs when grid power is not available. Unmatched durability allows for use in even the harshest environments and PowerFilms proprietary processes produces a panel that works even after being punctured. Unlike CIGS solar technology, PowerFilm A-Si solar
modules do not need to be sun soaked after storage, they provide critical power immediately when placed in the sun.


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