• Linear transport system
  • Linear transport system
  • Linear transport system
  • Linear transport system


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Linear transport system

According to the condition at site, sample can be transported without human intervention by vertical lifting and horizontal moving or pneumatic transmission method. It is worth mentioning that pneumatic transmission method has been widely used in the fields of hospital and high speed road. It can be used to transport coal sample intelligently after technology improvement.

? Application

It is applicable for transporting 0.2mm analysis sample, 3mm back up sample and 6mm(or 13mm) total moisture sample among the sites like sample preparation room, analysis lab, automatic sample storing and checking cabinet, discarding sample room, etc.

? Working principle

Samples with bag or bottle are transported to appointed place in sealed tube automatically, fast and accurately.

? Features

1. High automation without manual operation.
2. Easy operation
?Adopt imported PLC control system, procedural operation
?The same cabinet can be used for sending site and receiving site. The operator can only press related button to finish the process of sample sending and receiving. The operation status of sample can be monitored clearly by the indication light.
3. Stable performance.
4. With power cut memory function.


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