• Motorized positioner / vertical / rotary / 3-axis

KPF3-V2H series

Артикул: 00090348

Motorized positioner / vertical / rotary / 3-axis

KUKA's three-axis (external) vertical dual turnover positioner offers dual work stations for components, optimizing workplace productivity through simultaneous processing of operator and robot. Its maximum face plate distance is 3000 mm, with an upper limit of 1000 mm tool radius. The positioner is available in four various payload classes, 250 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg, 1000 kg. All KR C4-operated KUKA robots are compatible to the vertical dual turnover positioner.


  • Type: motorized
  • Orientation: vertical, rotary
  • Number of axes: 3-axis
  • Product applications: for robots
  • Payload: 1000 kg (2204.62 lb), 750 kg (1653.47 lb), 500 kg (1102.31 lb), 250 kg (551.16 lb)

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