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  • Microwave consistency sensor for wastewater


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Microwave consistency sensor for wastewater

This application Microwave consistency sensor A 344W is used for urban wastewater treatment plants. The sensor A 344W takes a measurement for the complete solid content the activated sludge in wastewater for the outputs from the main segmentation tang. The development of this sensor is based on a sensor for the determination of consistency of pulp and wastepaper fibers used in paper and pulp industries. Currently these are being successfully used in well over 50 pulp and paper manufacturers in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The microwave operating principle is 344W allows the determination of solids consistencies without calibration. In addition to the mechanical pollutions of the transmitter and receiver there are no distortion of the reading when compared to optical method sensors. The advantages of use the 344W at wastewater treatment plants is that it provides a specific fulfillment of technical requirements along with ecological norms. This widens the automation process, and reduces the polymer consumption.


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