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  • Fan silencer / for filters

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Fan silencer / for filters


Sound reduction methods used:

Sound insulation measures

These reduce sound penetration at sound-emitting components such as fans. ?lters.
piping, drive units. etc. Insulation is achieved through encapsulation in the widest
sense of the word: for example. using insulating cabins. housings. insulating shells.
or the insulation of pipelines and the ?lter housing.


It is then applied in cases where openings leading to sound-generating components
cannot be avoided - in pipeline gas streams. for instance. Pipe and sliding block
absorbers are used: these are generally formed by placing absorber material in a
silencer housing. whose porous structure is used to extract energy from the sound
that arises. Resonators are a special type of silencer and are recommended for use
in cases where low-frequency noises are present.

Measures for decoupling structurally-home sound

These measures include vibration dampers. piping compensators and plate-type
resonators in fans.


  • Product applications: fan, for filters

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