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  • Ventilation silencer / for pipework / tubular
  • Ventilation silencer / for pipework / tubular


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Ventilation silencer / for pipework / tubular

Imeksan provides us with YSA-DSA duct mounted sound attenuators having a circular cross-section. These attenuators are capable of eliminating the noise of equipments such as fans at a given site above the permissible standards and codes and to attenuate excess noise. They are available in two versions. The DSA model is with the concentric splitter insert and the YSA model is without the concentric splitter insert. Both DSA and YSA versions have insulation of 50 mm and 100 mm thick as per the requirement. Galvanized steel sheets of appropriate thickness are used for the casing, splitters, and flanges in all attenuators. Press-formed glass-wool of 50 kg/m3 density is used for attenuation. Surface covering is made of fibre glass to withstand air velocities of up to 20 m/s. Perforated material is used as inner surface in all the models.


  • Type: for ventilation
  • Product applications: for pipework
  • Other characteristics: tubular

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