• Grinding pneumatic spindle / EC motor / for robots

T 27-40 SA

Артикул: 00126950

Grinding pneumatic spindle / EC motor / for robots

The Model T27-40 SA with the reduced
number of revolutions of 40,000
1/min. with 3 bar operating pressure
it is very suitable to use this tool for
drilling ruber. as example the shown
clamping block stored is equipped
with O-rings inside. By the flexible
storage of the entire machine this
turbine grinder works vibrationpoor.
In the machine the collet Type
ZG 4 5 mm is inserted.


  • Function: grinding
  • Drive mechanism: EC motor
  • Other characteristics: for robots
  • Rotational speed: 40000 rpm (251327.41 rad.min-1)

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