• Tapping motor spindle / hydraulic drive

max. 16 000 rpm | ELQ series

Артикул: 00127040

Tapping motor spindle / hydraulic drive

The ELQ range of electrospindles from L.C.M have been especially conceived to be used in conjunction with the tilting heads comprising the MD series. The spindles incorporate integral motors. They are designed and structured such that they work efficiently, both horizontally and vertically. They are manufactured in high strength alloy, which grants a high degree of rigidity and an optimum weight : rigidity ratio.

The spindles are optimally mounted and provided with adequate utility connections, thereby eliminating the requirement for specialized housing or extra interface provisions. Excellent bearing and fluid cooling systems facilitate extremely low rates of thermal-induced expansion and low operating temperatures.

An in-built encoder in the spindle enables tapping tasks to be performed with high rigidity and optimum spindle alignment. The tool is hydraulic unclamped while the motor is liquid cooled.


  • Function: tapping
  • Drive mechanism: hydraulic drive
  • Rotational speed: 8000 rpm (50265.48 rad.min-1), 20000 rpm (125663.71 rad.min-1), 16000 rpm (100530.97 rad.min-1), 12000 rpm (75398.22 rad.min-1)

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