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  • Air compressor / reciprocating / oil-lubricated / stationary
  • Air compressor / reciprocating / oil-lubricated / stationary


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Air compressor / reciprocating / oil-lubricated / stationary

A product of Carrier?s leadership in advanced compressor design, the 05K compressor provides superior performance and exceptional reliability.

Engineered to withstand punishing conditions, the 05K features time-proven, heavy duty construction. And its exclusive 2/4-cylinder design ensures exceptionally smooth, balanced operation.

Suitable for air conditioning or refrigeration applications, belt drive or direct drive, purchase the bare compressor and build up your own system, or let Carrier build a complete Marine Condensing Unit for you.

Superior efficiency significantly reduces horsepower drain, reduces maintenance,
extends life, saves fuel

Exclusive balanced cylinder design minimizes torque pulsations for smoother
operation, less wear

Extended maintenance, lower operating speeds, lower vibrations, and less wear
mean less maintenance and lower operating costs

Larger capacity self-priming, reversible oil pump provides dependable oil flow
under cold or flooded startup conditions and ample pressure at low rpm

Higher capacity, efficiency at speeds at least 30% lower

Housing-mounted clutch and larger clutch bearing provide longer life

Low oil-circulation rate of less than 1% for greater operating efficiency

Exclusive compressor unloading saves fuel, increases efficiency, eliminates coil
freezing, for uniform temperature distribution


  • Type: air
  • Technology: reciprocating
  • Lubrication: oil-lubricated
  • Portability: stationary
  • Other characteristics: heavy-duty, open-drive
  • Applications: for marine applications
  • Power: Min.: 4 ch (3.95 hp)

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