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  • Cartridge filter / particulate / for powder coating system / dust

Article: 00005042

Cartridge filter / particulate / for powder coating system / dust


Efficiency %99.999 @ 0.5micron
Filter Size Diameter : 324mm *Length : 660mm ? 1000mm ? 1200 mm

Conventional In-Depth Loaded Filter

The surface of Conventional Filter (sateen cotton, polyester, conventional paper) has holes between 12 and 60 micron. If dust particles enter into these holes, the efficacy of the filter decreases.

In the deep parts of the filter, dust can be stopped. However it blocks the filter. This accumulation cannot be carried while shaking the filter. Thus, the press on the filters increases and the capacity diminishes. Because of that the filter should be changed.

The Solution

There is a surface with ultra slim micron diameters on the filter. This surface makes low micron particles stop on the surface of the filter.

Embarking on the surface (fast accumulation of the particles on the surface of the filter) enables a great deal of dust on the surface and thus the efficiency of the filter soars. The efficacy of the filter under the same circumstances is ten times more than the conventional filter. Embarking on the surface hinders the obstruction of the filter element and makes it easy to eliminate the layer of dust.


  • Designed for: particulate
  • Type: cartridge
  • Applications: for powder coating system, dust
  • Material: paper, cotton, polyester
  • Filtration size: 0.5 µm

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