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  • Optical separator / condensate / oil / for compressed air

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Optical separator / condensate / oil / for compressed air

The Drytec range of condensate cleaners employs a specially designed filter set to avoid using the troublesome weir, which is found in many traditional separators. Similarly, it has neither condensate settlement tank nor separate oil container.

Waste oil is trapped only in the filters, so handling is quick and easy. At service time, simply dispose of the old filters and replace them. There is no need to deal separately with the collected oil or untreated condensate from the settlement tank because there isn?t any!

The design makes it tolerant of any type of condensate drain. In turn, this means quick and easy low-cost installation.

Simplicity of design offers economies right across the board, from initial purchase to cost of ownership. The units are also more environmentally friendly, using fewer resources and less energy to make than more complex and expensive designs.

Sterling filters are much less energy-hungry to manufacture than carbon, and are made mostly from recycled materials.


  • Technology: optical
  • Separated substance: condensate, oil, for compressed air
  • Applications: for solids

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