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FMA 7000 uv

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Water filter / water / dust / self-cleaning

STF?s FMA 7000 filter is an automatic, electrically operated mesh filter with disinfection treatment by ultraviolet lamps, specially designed for filtration at small filtration sizes with disinfection treatment for low flows in municipal and industrial applications.

By adapting our designs to the new legislation, STF meets the requirements of Royal Decree 1620/2007 on Reusing Treated Water, with a device which combines filtration action and disinfection in one single unit, thus achieving smaller sized facilities and increased system simplicity.

The washing is automatically performed with no need to interrupt fluid filtration operation, and is also capable of disinfecting the liquid without having to add any chemicals to the water with the goal of minimizing the impact on the environment.

The FMA-7000-UV filter consists of a water inlet for the water to be treated, an outlet for treated water and a drain outlet for equipment cleaning. When water enters the interior of the first chamber (filtration), it reduces its speed and all the partciles are retained as a filter cake on the filtration mesh of the selected size.

Once the fluid has passed through the first stage, it proceeds towards the top of the filter through a duct inside the cartridge. At the end of the duct, the fluid reaches some interleaved ultraviolet lamps which are capable of destroying bacteria and virus DNA by emitting type C ultraviolet light at 254 nm.


  • Designed for: for water, water
  • Applications: dust
  • Other characteristics: self-cleaning

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