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Process sterilizer

Each cycle is controlled automatically following the parameters set in the MPI computerruissellement photo system.

The filled baskets are manually introduced in the STERIFLOW. Door is manually closed and locked mechanically through a cylinder.
After a set water make up till process level (or water fill in for the first cycle), the pump is started
The process water is streamed onto the products with a high water flow. The hydraulic circuit of the process water inside the STERIFLOW is as following:

the pump ? Platular heat exchanger- streaming ramp ? cascade on products ? suction manifold and filter ? pump?

During the whole cycle the counter pressure is controlled through injection or release of compressed air using two automatic control valves.
The pump stops. A light signal is triggered to inform cycle is over, allowing the door opening. The STERIFLOW is unloaded and ready for a new cycle.


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