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  • Planetary roller screw
  • Planetary roller screw

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Planetary roller screw

Rodriguez rollerscrews are only used for transferring axial forces. They consist of a ground spindle and the threaded nut which is equipped with rollers. The special geometry of the thread and the rollers characterize the rollerscrews. The use of rollers with grooves on their outside diameter and the hereby resulting contact areas as well as the number of contact points permit a high axial load capacity.

Rodriguez rollerscrews are available in two basic versions: With satellite rollers or with roller feedback.

Rollerscrews with satellite-rollers or with rollercirculators consist of a ground spindle, the threaded nut and the satellite rollers. Hereby, the spindle and nut have a multiple thread profile with a slope angle of 90°. The satellite rollers are guided on both sides by geared rings and thus a distance parallel to the axis is maintained. This version of the rollerscrew is available with and without preload. To protect against coarse contaminants the threaded spindle drive nuts can be equipped with dirt wipers made of PA66.

Rollerscrews with rollercirculators do not use satellite-rolelrs, but instead rollers with grooves in their outer diameter. These are spaced according to the distance of the respective pitch. For relatively high spindle diameters they offer small pitches and thus achieve a high positioning and repetition accuracy and a high efficiency.


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