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  • Thread whirled ball screw / steel / precision

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Thread whirled ball screw / steel / precision

Ballscrews, also known as recirculating ball spindles,
consist of a ballscrew shaft and ball screw nut, within
which the ball bearings are integrated, and a ball return.
Ballscrews are the most commonly used threaded
spindles in industrial and precision machine tools,
converting a rotary movement into a linear movement,
and vice versa. Ball screws offer high accuracy in
combination with high efficiency. We offer a wide range
of different ball screws to suit your respective application.
The distinguishing features of ballscrews are low-friction,
accurate running, a low drive torque requirement and a
high level of rigidity combined with quiet operation. They
are manufactured with state-of-the-art production facilities.
With highly qualified engineers, quality-assured manufacturing
and assembly processes, using only high-quality
materials we satisfy your demand.


  • Type: thread whirled
  • Material: steel
  • Performance: precision

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