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  • Belt conveyor / horizontal
  • Belt conveyor / horizontal
  • Belt conveyor / horizontal
  • Belt conveyor / horizontal

3 - 50 m/min, max. 200 kg

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Belt conveyor / horizontal

Standard Belt Conveyors are generally used on assembly / packing lines, or in clean areas such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. Belt conveyors will utilise either PVC/PU (smooth or gripped) or Modular (plastic) depending on the application.
The belt is the essential ingredient for all belt conveyors and they come in various shapes and forms.

Typically, belt conveyors carry individual products to and from packing/packaging stations, or can form full production lines. Belt conveyors run from 3m.min up to approximately 50m/min (although these speeds are only a guide) and inverters can be utilised to create a variable speed. Depending on the design and application, loads of
up to 200kg can be accommodated.

The drive will be either an externally mounted shaft driven motor or a motorised drive drum, where the motor is self contained within the leading roller. For single direction the construction will be end drive tail tension, and for reversible systems the construction will be centre drive end tension.


  • Technology: belt
  • Configuration: horizontal
  • Maximum load: 200 kg (440.92 lb)
  • Speed: Min.: 3000 mm/min (1.97 in/s)

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