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  • Overhead conveyor / horizontal / for heavy loads

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Overhead conveyor / horizontal / for heavy loads

Euroimpianti designs and builds Morris conveyors, which are suitable to carry all different kinds of products, whether small or large size.

So far, Morris overhead conveyors, so-called trolley conveyors, still represent the most suitable and reliable system to carry heavy loads.

These conveyors are made up of a pulling chain which performs a closed circuit by hauling the trolleys that run on a guide which usually made up of an INP profile.

The conveyor runs either on a flat surface, or, if necessary, on slopes that range between 45° and smaller slants. Particular guides are created in the INP profile to guarantee correct movement of the pieces.

In the horizontal level, the chain change of direction is created by means of wheel or side-by-side vertical axis rollers.

As in the other types of conveyors, the minimum move between a trolley and the other, is determined by the load overhaul dimensions in correspondence to the curves and inclination segments.


  • Technology: overhead
  • Configuration: horizontal
  • Other characteristics: for heavy loads

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