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City Ranger 2250

Article: 00015064


The Snow Sweeper is perfect when used with the first snow fall of winter. It can completely remove snow to a depth of 15 cm even when the terrain is uneven, keeping paths clear and dry.

The Snow Sweeper is centred and attached onto the front of the utility machine. It has a full working width of 1,220 mm. It can sweep right into walls and bases without damaging the machine or building and of course it can be combined with a Salt and Sand Spreader attached on the back, so that areas being swept can simultaneously be made safe and passable. Two jobs done at once. Twice as effective.

The operator has full visibility, making driving and manoeuvring easy.

The Snow Sweeper is designed with an integrated supporting strut. The support strut protects the Snow Sweeper when it is stored and makes it easy to move. Effective protection extends the lifetime of any tool.


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