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  • Cable harness for medical applications

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Cable harness for medical applications

Fiber Optic & Capillary Assemblies

- Low Fiber Count Assemblies
- Cable Design Options
- High Power Laser Connectors
- Bundles
- Capillary Assemblies

Assemblies can include optical, electrical, mechanical and fluid functions in a single, unit. Combining optical fibers, mechanical holding and mounting hardware and fused silica capillaries, they may be used to transfer and/or manipulate light and/or fluids from one position to another. Most assemblies are based on specific user requirements. These can vary in complexity from a single, finished, optical fiber (with or without end-terminations) to a complex, branching assembly, combining the advantages of fused silica light guides and/or fluid guides, into an integral unit.

Optical fiber or fused silica capillaries can be clustered into bundles at one end and fanned-out into various configurations at the opposite end. Special end shapes can be micro-machined directly onto the optical fiber or capillary, saving bonding and coupling losses. Termination style and technique, jacketing, and fiber type can be specified to ensure optimum system performance.

Polymicro offers the system designer unparalleled flexibility to incorporate a wide range of design options into their assemblies.

Note: Polymicro Technologies manuafacturers optical fiber cable, components and assemblies only. Polymicro Technologies does not design, manufacture or market any medical devices.


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