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  • Air compressor / centrifugal / oil-free / stationary

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Air compressor / centrifugal / oil-free / stationary

Working Medium : Air
Inlet Flow Rate : 3600?6000 m³/h
Discharge Pressure: 1.0?4.3 MPa


Jointly designed by foreign compressor experts and our talents?the compressor can reach international leading level.

High-pressure and small-flow technical difficulties have been revolved at present. 3D impeller improves the efficiency of compressor.

Vertical split compressor largely shortened axial distance, safe and reliable operation.

Special connection between impeller and driving shaft makes high accuracy and easy maintenance.

Inlet guide vanes and outlet discharge control method has widened the working range of compressor.

Gear pairs are modified specially, ensuring reliable operation at high speed and extending the service life.

Adopt advanced and reliable seal technology and compression of medium is oil-free.

Advanced auto control system features high automation and simple operation.

Changing compressor stage makes outlet pressure reach 0.2?4.2MPa and flow rate become 3000?36000m3/h

Integrally geared compressor package features small occupied area; easy maintenance and low investment.


  • Type: air
  • Technology: centrifugal
  • Lubrication: oil-free
  • Portability: stationary
  • Other characteristics: high-pressure
  • Applications: industrial
  • Flow: Min.: 3600 m³/h (127132.8 ft³/h)

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