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  • Automatic tool changer

CTA HSL winner of I-Novo Award 2015

Article: 00025442

Automatic tool changer

Automatic tool changer with a compact, high capacity magazine

The new tool changer type CTA 20 HSL with 100 tools magazine has been specially studied for small machining centres and especially for machine tools for watches and jewellery machining, satisfying the requests of some of our customers operating in the sector.
At present the typical need on all NC machines, is to increase the capacity of the tool magazines, in order to improve the versatility with minimum expenditure of time for the re-equipment of the machine in the phase of production change.
In the past the maximum capacities required in the tool magazine were 30-40 places, nowadays the capacity required is from 80 to 160 tools.
While large and medium machines have spaces sufficient for large magazines, in small machines spaces are very limited.
Following these premises, our firm, specialized in the production of tool changer systems, has developed and patented a tool magazine that can be shaped by using all the available space on the machine both on a flat surface, on planes orthogonal to each other and with skew planes .
Certainly the conformation of the base plate must be customized for each application, while for all the rest of the system we'll use standardized elements suitably adapted to the needs.
Another advantage of this magazine is that tool holder bushings are not linked to each other by a chain, but they are independent. This characteristic allows us to move the bushing with the selected tool for the exchange, transferring it or rotating it through 90 ° according to the needs.


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