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CTE series

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CNC tool changer / automatic

The CTE series has revolutionized high-speed machine tool changing with an onboard cam-actuated hydraulic pump to clamp tools or operate access doors. This system synchronizes all operations & eliminates the need for a hydraulic pump. Narrow cast iron housings are recessed to accommodate unique shaped tooling or recessed drawbar arms. A double reduction ratio drive rotates the cam perimeter to supply large torque capacities. Accurate rotational motion is achieved with a zero backlash spline type output shaft. Since one revolution of the input shaft equals one full cycle, the large cam diameter can yield 360 degree oscillation with long lift strokes up to 165mm (6.5").

The output shaft is supported with long linear bearings compatible with unbalanced loads typical of single arm applications. Lift motions use the end of the cam to keep both motions synchronized. Each unit is compatible with inverted, side or upright mounting with the motor drive package reducing the footprint and design integration time. Shaft extensions can be configured to accommodate special motor drives, timing sensor packages or custom output fixtures. The design level of accuracy, durability, and compact design makes the CTS series a perfect addition to your machinery.


  • Applications: CNC
  • Type: automatic

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