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  • CNC tool changer / cam / with rotary magazine

CTM series

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CNC tool changer / cam / with rotary magazine

The CTM tool changer is ideal for set up on NC milling machines, and vertical and horizontal job centers. It comes in various sizes based on the tool holder type. There is an equivalent magazine for every size that can hold 12, 20 or 30 tools in standard models, while 24, 40, 48 or 60 tools for the special ones.

The CTM tool-changer is equipped with a CUT cam changer that performs coordinated actions such as extracting, clamping, and exchanging, while simultaneously inserting tools. This happens after the activation of a single self-breaking gear motor.

It is also built with a fully mechanical BP rapid gripper arm, and a wheel type magazine made up of a cam indexing table RIG powered through a self-braking non-synchronous three-stage motor.


  • Applications: CNC
  • Type: cam
  • Magazine: with rotary magazine

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