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Robotic tool changer

WGS Quick-Lock Quick Changer offers a number of advantages when you want to reduce setting times and to ensure that the change of gripper hands and peripheral unit is done correctly and safe.

Precision- the Quick-Lock System gives you a guarantee that the gripper is mounted in exactly correct position on the robot.This feature makes sure that you avoid damages on the tols or peripheral equipment because of wrong assembly of the gripper.
Fast - Since you loosen the gripper part from the robot just by a turn of the thumb, it will only take a fraction of the time you spend with a traditional fastening with screws and guide pins. The connection of vacuum/ compressed air circuits and electric signals is done automatically
Safety - Since connections for vacuum, compressed air and electric signals are integrated, there is no need for special knowledge in how to perform these connections. Thus you do not need to make complicated instructions for your fitters etc.
Standardising - Since WGS Quick-Lock System can be attached to any kind of robot you can standardise your robotinstallations independent of make. Important advantage when you have to move moulds between different machines and robots. It provides a very fast and simple set up and start of production if the machine cell is equipped with the same system.
Options:The Gripper Changer can also be equipped as an option with an electric contact. Then you can transmit electric signals between robot and gripper hand.


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