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  • Air filter / water / compressed air

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Air filter / water / compressed air

Highlights - Cleansweep Submicron filters

Very low installation clearance - install anywhere
Oil removal (coalescing)
Flow from 100 m3/hour to 1810 m3/hour
Particle removal 0.01 m
Maximum oil carryover 0.003 mg/m3

Cleansweep Microfilters are compressed air filtration devices manufactured for industrial use and supported by Trident Pneumatics. Contaminants regularly found in air lines include dust, oil, rust and liquid water. Cleansweep Microfilters remove all these contaminants, thereby ensuring that the products made by you and the services offered by you are not adversely affected by them.


Trident Pneumatics has designed Cleansweep Microfilters with a unique design featuring a knock-off type element. This makes Cleansweep filters stand apart from filters produced by other manufacturers, which need to be installed with a significant bottom clearance. This translates to convenience and economy of space for you. You can provide Cleansweep Microfilters with even a very low clearance at the bottom.

All Cleansweep Microfilters having the CE marking. They are all rated for 16 bar operation for extra safety
for you and your equipment.


  • Designed for: air, water
  • Applications: compressed air
  • Flow rate: Min.: 100 m³/h (3531.47 ft³/h)

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