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  • Binary counter / digital / electronic / preselection


Article: 00033089

Binary counter / digital / electronic / preselection

Preset counter/Rate meter VZ484801

Preset counter/rate meter in 48 mm x 48 mm format;
Input: PNP, NPN, TTL; Output: 2 relays
Universal AC/DC power supply
Input frequency up to 100 kHz
2-line LED display
Easy programming by front keys or software
Two relay outputs

The compact preset counter VZ484801 can be used as preset counter and also as a rate meter. 3 universal digital inputs are available (NPN/PNP/TTL) can be used with the most common pulse sensors. With the internal quadrature functionality or the external wiring of the user inputs a bi-directional counting could be realiyed and displazed. One user input is also analogue in order to allow setpoint modification by an external potentiometer. Due to the two different modes and the scaling features, the counter is usable for a lot of different applications. In addition to an excellent cost effectiveness and high quality, the counter offers a rugged, compact housing and a brilliant display.


  • Type: binary
  • Display: digital
  • Technology: electronic
  • Other characteristics: preselection

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