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  • Hydraulic cylinder / pneumatic / double-acting / positioning

63117, 63113 series

Article: 00039311

Hydraulic cylinder / pneumatic / double-acting / positioning

Double Acting Cylinders can be used for clamping, holding, positioning, staking, punching...anywhere that a heavy duty cylinder is needed, If the cylinder is mounted in the fixture (as opposed to using mounting brackets), the fixture should be bored to between .0127 and .0245 over the "A" dimension. Doing so will prevent an out of round condition of the cylinder body which could damage the piston. They may be returned by air or by hydraulic pressure.


  • Type: hydraulic, pneumatic
  • Configuration: double-acting
  • Applications: positioning, blocking, clamping
  • Other characteristics: round, heavy-duty
  • Stroke: 25 mm
  • Force: 42180 N, 14960 N

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