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Preactor 200 FCS

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Software / production planning

Preactor 200 FCS is the first of the FCS solutions that is capable of being tightly integrated with other packages as well as Preactor Viewers. The SQL database can be altered by editing a text file that is read by Preactor when it loads and automatically makes the changes to SQL. The menu system can also be changed. An event based messaging system can be used to pass data between applications.

Orders can have a Delivery Buffer defined that can be customer or product specific. This is a time period which is used to offset the due date reference when an order is backward sequenced and also provides a warning when operations are scheduled within the buffer.

Operations within an order can overlap using a Transfer Batching feature. Batches can be automatically split into smaller lots and scheduled across multiple resources. The colour of bars can also be changed to reflect real-time progress. Operations can be set to Hold so that it will not be scheduled automatically.


  • Function: production planning

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